Sunday, April 26, 2015


What would you do if you just lost a job you didn’t like anyway? But it was a way to provide for your family? Shenelle had to figure that out quick fast and in a hurry. After working in the banking field for years she was all of sudden laid off.

Shenelle was debating on whether or not to find another job in the banking industry or find something she wanted to do. Looking back on her life and some of her old writing she came up with the idea to start her own erotic website.

With the help of her friend Danielle and an IT guy name Jacob embark into an industry they have no experience in. While trying to juggle her new business which has taken off faster than she thought, her two children, a new boyfriend, and her cheating ex-husband Shenelle is just trying to stay ahead of the game. The trick was playing this game with no one knowing she had any pieces on the board. Can Shenelle keep her identity safe?

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