Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Ne’Vaeh Washington is a young girl, attending Howard University. Memories from her past and the burning desire to be with Aaron Whitehaven, her best friend’s boyfriend, keeps her from loving her life.
While her best friend, Charlene Campbell, is out of town, attending a funeral, Aaron confesses to Ne’Vaeh that he has been in love with her for nearly three years. He explains that he hadn’t approached her before, because everyone said that she was still in love with Jamie Green, her first love who loved her then left her brokenhearted.
Charlene Campbell’s past has haunted her, throughout her entire relationship with Aaron. Her reputation for sleeping with just about anyone with a pulse preceded her, and he’s stopped paying her any attention. A college trip to Miami turns into a reunion with old friend, Jamie Green, a college football player, about to go pro. 
Lies are told, secrets are kept, lives unravel, and much tea is spilled. Who will come out on top, and who will crash and burn?

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