Wednesday, March 4, 2015

(((NEW RELEASE))) A Baltimore Love Story

A Baltimore Love Story by Melissa Kelly


Angie Reynolds just knew she was the happiest woman in the world. She would be marrying the man of her dreams in just a few months, until fate set in and she got a twisted dose of reality. Take a ride with Angie as her brightest moments turn into twists of unexpected events which makes Angie want to harm everyone around her.

Not being able to be with the woman he loved and not trusting women period, Quinn Robertson swore he was done with love and he would be a ladies man forever. Until one night, his dream became his reality. Now that he got what he wanted, he would kill anyone that tried to take it from him.

Playboy Raheem Morris wasn't looking for love, he just took the woman he had at home for granted that loved him. All he had love for was money. He was planning to do the unspeakable and break codes with friends because he wanted Boss Status and he is willing to be conniving to do anything grimy to get it.

Tia Meadows didn't want love, she just wanted the “D”. Even if it was with her close friends man. Tia never expected that everything she was doing in the dark would eventually have to bare those skeletons as they come to light. She is about to lose everything when she learns, you don't play with love and broken hearts.

With Quinn's trust issues, Tia's whorish ways, Angie’s insecurities, and her ungrateful fiancĂ©e Raheem lurking in the shadows, will anyone ever have a chance at love or will someone be gunned down because of a jealous heart?

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