Sunday, March 29, 2015

3 Queens Series by Porscha Sterling

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Jazmyn, Kaylen & Alexis all only want love from the men in their lives but a whole lot of deceit, lies and betrayal comes along with it.

Jazmyn is happily in love...with someone else's husband. A PREGNANT someone else at that. But she believes Kingston when he says he loves only her and will make her his main chick soon. When Jazmyn finds out that his promises are empty and his love is foul, she takes matters into her own hands and it leads to a brawl in the streets and a deadly situation.

When Kaylen meets Salem, she thinks he's the one for her. She soon finds out that the millionaire business man that she thought she had, is nothing but a undercover addict with violent tendencies. When she falls for his best friend, she tries to hide the attraction. But Salem puts two and two together and it leads to Kaylen begging for her life. Will Zo be able to save her?

Alexis has it all. Riches, houses, cars and a sexy Italian millionaire husband. But there is one thing standing between her and happiness...he likes to love her in a way that leads her battered and bruised. When Alexis' need for real affection leads her to hooking up with an old friend, she is betrayed in the worst way and left with a reminder of her assault that could change the course of her life forever.

Will these women ever attain the love, loyalty and affection that they need?

Part two of this series starts off just how you want it: with scandal.

Jazymn has a big secret that she is keeping from her boyfriend, Kingston, and she vows never to tell him. She's happy in love and she was able to get rid of his wife, Shanice, so all should be well...or so she thought. When Kingston finds out the truth about what Jazmyn did to ensure her happily ever after, all hell breaks lose and she is left with more than a broken heart.

Kaylen has found new love after being abused and misused by the man she thought loved her. But everything with Caleb is not all peaches and cream. But it never is when you're dating a womanizer. After too many run-ins with one of Caleb's old groupies, Kaylen sheds off the business professional and brings out the ratchet to settle the matter with the side chick from hell. But, in the process, she finds out something that makes her think twice about whether what she has with Caleb is real. This discovery leads her back into the arms of Zo, who is all too ready to lick her wounds and steal her heart.

After Alexis was assaulted by someone she trusted, she finds solace in a secret life that allows her to become the dominant one and inflict the pain she feels on others. Although her husband tries to love her, she rejects him at every turn. But Alexis isn't the only one with the secret life. Marc has one, too. Alexis may think she's the pampered wife of a corporate millionaire but in actuality, her husband is as street as they come.

What happens when there is no loyalty in love?


"I knew once I came back in the picture there would be some foul ish going on, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw. Kaylen, the woman I loved, was in a relationship with my homeboy. Someone I considered my blood: Zo. When they said 'these hoes ain't loyal', I never knew how right they were about that. But now it was crystal clear.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, so I should have known that I couldn't stop Kaylen from moving another man in my vacant spot. She was hot in the ass from the beginning and that's why it had been so easy for me to slide up in her. Every day she told me she loved me but as soon as she thought I was dead, it was on to the next one. First Caleb, now Zo.

But that was all water under the bridge and it was just enough under there for me to toss both of them in so they could drown in it. There was nothing worse than a thug with a grudge and I was about to make it my business to allow both of them to find that out."

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