Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Release Round-Up #1 (July 4 – July 11)

Hey there! Welcome to our first New Release Round-Up! Every Tuesday, we will be delivering you some great New Books that were recently released, per the author's request. So, go ahead and check them out, share them with your reading buddies and on social media! Leave a comment telling us what you think! We'd love to hear from you! Happy Reading!

Prowl: Nothing Else Matters but Survival by Deidra D. S. Green & Stephanie Nicole Norris
Release Date 7/4/17
Genre(s) Crime Fiction, Heist, Suspense
Blurb Brooklyn, Drew, Symone, and Leah grew up the best of friends. Their parents co-own and operate Patterson Pharmaceutical Company, a thriving business that has continuously grown over the last ten years. But after the economy took a hard turn, the family business suffered significant losses, leaving the family’s income on pins and needles. To make matters worse, the property the Patterson’s inherited from their late grandparents is up for auction from missed payments the family was not aware they’d missed. With the family’s debt growing and relationships being tested, the four friends decide to take drastic measures to get the funds needed to secure generational survival. Being high-end thieves was not something they agreed on overnight. Taking from the less fortunate they couldn’t stomach, but stealing from those who already had plenty might just save the family from ruin.

The Beauty of This Street Love 3 by Elle Kayson
Release Date 7/5/17
Genre(s) Romance, Urban Fiction, African American Fiction
Blurb The disappearance of two of the women closest to the Kinseys leads to all-out war with the Prince family. As if that turmoil isn’t enough, the personal relationships of the Kinsey siblings are uncertain.

Ask Me Again 3 by Theresa Hodge (Re-Release)
Release Date 7/5/17
Genre(s) Multicultural/Interracial Romance
Blurb David's actions cost much harm. But now he's proving himself to be a better man so that he can face the man in the mirror without shame or regret.
Madelyn Stowe is a young woman who knows plenty about hurt and devastating loss.

Two broken spirits meet and find their way into each other's heart, intertwining with a divine passion that builds a path to a long-lasting, forever kind of love.

Press Play (Rock Me Baby Series, Book 1) by Samara King
Release Date 7/8/17
Genre(s) Romantic Suspense, African American Romance
Blurb Drummer girl for Airi Moon, Play Baptiste is living her dream, loving life and her hot affair with ER Doctor Preston Stevens. Though they have a long-standing no-strings, no-complications arrangement, Play can’t help thinking of what her life would be like if she put down roots with Press.
Preston Stevens is a man who could have any woman he wants, only it’s the bad girl drummer that sets his soul on fire and captures his heart. Their arrangement has worked out well for his chaotic schedule until the night Press is unable to save the woman his best friend loves from a tragic car accident. In an instant, he is reminded that life is short and wants to grab hold of what he knows for sure: his love for Play.
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The Billionaire's Private Scandal by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Release Date 7/10/17
Genre(s) Contemporary Romance, Category Romance
Blurb When Megan’s secret lover betrays her and steals her family’s hotel business, she grateful no one knew they were involved. It’s almost like the relationship and breakup never happened…except for her broken heart. With her world in shambles, she’ll do whatever it takes to put her life back together again.
Brandon Knight can’t understand why the woman of his dreams disappeared without any explanation. When he finds her working in a coffee shop, he realizes she’s got the situation—and him—all wrong. Now all he has to do is prove it.

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