Saturday, June 3, 2017

#NewRelease Spotlight: Asphyxia by @RicharhAswanu #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense

Book Title Asphyxia

Author Richarh Aswanu

Genre(s) Mystery, Thriller, Suspense; Urban Fiction

Release Date June 3, 2017

Publisher MBP Publications Presents


Print Length 86 pages

Book Blurb

He never knew of her insatiable appetite until he came home early from work one day. “I need're too gentle with me.” She explained as they came to a compromise in their marriage. He tried. But, he just couldn't handle the images that flashed in his mind. So, he ended it...

After all this time, it still hurts and he still loves her. But, he hates her.

In retaliation, he created a salacious website where adulterous housewives could live out their wildest fantasies in the upmost secrecy…

Mysteriously, they are found asphyxiated as a single black rose lies at the scene.

Set in the most exclusive areas of Los Angeles, this psychological thriller leads Detectives Keyan Monroe and Monica Zamorano through a dark web of black roses and dissolving links.

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Author Richarh Aswanu

Richarh Aswanu was born and raised in Marion, Indiana. During a 10-year stint in prison, he began writing in 2010 as an escape and has several titles to his name. He's also the founder of Urban Image Magazine and has aspirations of bringing some of his stories to the screen. In his spare time, Richarh likes to cook out on the grill while spending time with his wife and children.

Twitter @RicharhAswanuInstagram @richarhaswanu

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