Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#BookSpotlight Entwined Souls #ParanormalRomance by Michele Gantz @michelemibelle

Title Entwined Souls
Series The Soulmates, Book 1
Author Michele Gantz
Genre Paranormal Romance
Publisher Self Published
Publication Date September 6, 2016

Book Blurb

Amia Grace has always escaped into the abandoned graveyard to write, no clue why she’s drawn here of all places. Lately, it’s the only place that the feeling of being watched doesn’t overwhelm her. Everything in her life on track, until she meets Gage McGavin.

There’s something about him that creates a riot of emotions that Amia can’t quite place her finger on. One moment she wants him, the next she wants to run scared.

Gage only wants Amia for one reason. Her power.
He knows that she’s more than just a writer. More than just a girl.
She’s the future, and he plans on controlling that.

Until his brother enters the picture. Hunter has a goal of his own.
Amia will be his.

What do you do when your soul isn't completely your own?

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Michele Gantz

Michele Gantz was always intrigued by the written word. As a child, she was always a strong reader. As Michele grew older, she found other hobbies, until she was introduced to Edward Cullen! Michele loved the Twilight Saga very much and it opened her eyes back to the Young Adult book world. She was ravenous again, reading any YA book she could get her hands on.

This eventually led to the inevitable right? Fifty Shades of Grey entered her world, and while she, like many, enjoyed it. Michele was left thinking, wow, the romance genre really has changed, and she like it!! Michele began paging through Amazon desperately searching for books. Then she discovered book blogs and her world was done.

Michele become a part of the indie book world when she became a reviewer for a blog. It was through reviewing that she discovered a love for dark, dangerous antiheroes that could be found within the pages of books. This amazing indie book world introduced her to some of her now best friends, opened her eyes to amazing authors, and has turned into a career that she now loves.

After reviewing for another blog and helping with blogging duties, she craved running a blog, and with the help of some of the most amazing women, they created #Minxes Love Books.

Now, living in a tiny little town in rural Tennessee, she is fulfilling her passion. Michele published her debut novel in September of 2016 and is currently working on continuing that series along with exploring her darker side.

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