Friday, January 15, 2016

New Release | An Extraordinary Love 2: Angie and Levi's Story by Sapphire

An Extraordinary Love 2:
Angie & Levi's Story
Author: Sapphire
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance; Women's Fiction
Publishing House: Royalty Publishing House
Publication Date: January 14, 2016
Amazon Price: $2.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited


All Levi wanted was to make sure he could protect Angie and Luna from the secrets of her past. He thought calling in a favor to have someone dig into Angie's life to find out who her father was wouldn't have caused the danger that they were now facing. Not only are people trying to kill Angie, but friends from his past are now threatening to take action against him, and it all has to do with Angie's blood ties to the man that is her father...A man that Levi knows from his past. 

Angie had been happy with not knowing her father. She was overjoyed with Levi, Luna, and the baby she was carrying. Now that the wheels of fate are turning, their love will be tested after Levi decides that he can't handle the truth about her past, leaving her hurt and confused, but there's still a lot he isn't telling her. Decisions will be made that neither one of them will be able to change in this final installment of Levi and Angie's story. With bullets flying, secrets being revealed, old loves of the past, and the killer ambitions of one woman, will they both be able to rise above it all to save their Extraordinary Love?

An Extraordinary Love 2: Angie & Levi's Story is available on Amazon, click here to purchase.

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