Monday, January 18, 2016

New Release | The Daughter of A Trap King 4 by Nakiala Comeaux

The Daughter of A Trap King 4
Author: Nakiala Comeaux
Genre: Urban Fiction; Romance; Women's Fiction
Publishing House: Leo Sullivan Presents
Publication Date: January 17, 2016
Amazon Price: $2.99
Available with Kindle Unlimited


Now that Nikko has finally gotten closure with her high school sweetheart, she can finally move on with the man she loves so much. Things began to get ugly when someone close to her attempts to take Jacobie from her. Nikko refuses to lose Jacobie and take another lost like she did with Aaron. Nikko will not take it lightly and become someone she promised herself she would never let the game turn her into!

Not only is Nikko keeping tabs on Lil’ Mel, she’s also keeping tabs on Shannon. With a little help, she will finally catch up with Shannon, but will the visit be pleasant? Will she forgive Shannon or will she make her pay for all of her lies with her blood?
Now that Mona is in the picture for good, Nikko has one more person to protect, but can she handle the extra pressure? Nikko has to repair Mona’s scarred life before it’s too late. 

Even though her crew is slowly falling apart Nikko will not let that dictate her cash flow. She’s going to continue to get her money by any means necessary! 
The body counts in Opelousas is slowing rising along with the lies, drugs, and money. In the finale Nikko will face the ultimate betrayals, but will she finally snap? The finale will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that you are not prepared for! Are you ready for it?

Daughter of A Trap King 4 by Nakiala Comeaux below available for purchase on Amazon, 1-Click it here.

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