Friday, November 6, 2015

New Release | DOPE: The Rise of A Coke Queen by Vette

Author: Vette
Publisher: Diamante' Publications
Publication Date: November 6, 2015
Genre: African American Urban Fiction
Book Series: Book 1
Price: $0.99
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Cocoa La’shey lived a life most girls on the south side of the Bronx only dreamed of. As an only child, Cocoa wanted for nothing – from the lavish mansion, endless bling, and money to blow that was afforded to her by the hustle of her father William La’shey, the most notorious drug lord in the Bronx, Cocoa had it all. Not your average hood rich princess, Cocoa made it a personal priority to learn the business that constituted her family’s wealth. When her daddy’s empire finds itself on the brink of trouble following him being sent upstate on a long bid, Cocoa does the only thing she knows how to do—boss up and take the reins. Over time she takes her father’s cartel and turns it into a more profitable venture than even he was able to manage. Learning her own power and strength in the game, Cocoa decides it may be time to build an empire of her own. But, cutting her father out and double-crossing him could cost Cocoa her life and the respect of her family and friends. As the rising queen of the dope game, she has a decision to make—honor her hustle or honor her family?

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