Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cover Reveal | Forbidden Love

Title: Forbidden Love, Am I Wrong For Wanting Him *Revised*
Author: Kendra Graves
Publisher: Racquel Williams Presents
Genre: Urban Fiction
Release Date: September 14, 2015

When Lynette loves, she loves hard, and Jamaal is the one person that should know that. Working as a correctional officer and determined to be better than she was yesterday, Lynette debates on furthering her education but gets caught up in a money scheme with the love of her life, Jamaal, or at least she thought so. Just when things start to settle and get great, Lynette's whole world gets flipped upside down when Jamaal's secret fling exposes herself. Everything that glitter isn't always gold or what's necessarily the best for you. Lynette's life is threatened when a near death car chase between herself and Jamaal's creep results in a serious accident, leaving her in critical condition. Things go left and get hot and steamy as Lynette is laid up in the hospital bed.
Is love, friendship, trust, and loyalty enough to keep these forbidden lover's together? Find out in Forbidden Love: "Am I Wrong For Wanting Him."

This book will be available in Kindle eBook, and later in paperback.

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