Monday, March 9, 2015

(((New Release))) If I Could Have You

If I Could Have You is an urban tale about a young lover, Monique has taken losses throughout her twenty-six years of life. With only her sister Kendra as her only family member they hold each other down. Monique struggles between her long time boyfriend Tyshon and the happily ever after that she could have without him.

Chris was a bad boy at heart and couldn’t do any good to save his life. The streets ran his life until he ran into Monique. She was everything he needed but he couldn’t keep up with her lifestyle. She was young, beautiful, and intelligent. She seemed as if she couldn’t do any wrong but Tyshon and Chris would soon come to found out the truth about what Monique really is about. Read this Urban Tale about regrets, love, and deceit..
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