Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lock Down Publications & Ca$h Presents
Tranay Adams
Have you read anything by Tranay Adams? Check out his newest release, "Bury Me A G." He also has a great series titled, "The Devil Wears Timbs!"
Tranay is a beast with the pen & will definitely take you on a ride that you sure won't forget!
Grab one or all of these 5 Star reads!
Young, loyal and startling beautiful CHEVY is in search of the fairy tale love that she has always longed for. After her latest heartbreak, she finds the thug of her dreams in the unlikeliest of places.
TIAZ, a young street veteran, absolutely loves and adores Chevy. She is the rider that every hood nigga needs on his side on his road to riches. But Chevy wants him to give up the one thing he refuses to let go of. 

Will Tiaz give up the streets or his new boo? Or will his life of crime take him up on his offer of “BURY ME A G” before he can make a decision?
"The Devil Wears Timbs" Series
The Devil Wears Timbs (Part 1)
Growing up in the infamous Jordan Downs projects in Los Angeles, California, with no father and a dope fiend for a mother, Eureka and Anton Jackson have never had it easy, and things are about to get worse.

With the threat of being without food or shelter, Eureka makes a judgment call to do whatever she must for her and her little brother to survive. When that decision goes wrong and they are forced to go on the run from enemies who want to bury them six feet deep, their lives quickly spiral out of control.

The stage has been set and hell is the playground.

Can they rebound from one bad choice after another or will they further descend into the bowels of hell where The Devil awaits, not with fire and brimstone but with deadly vengeance, donning a pair of Timbs?
After completing a blood assignment, FEAR shows up to collect what he is owed and runs head on into trouble he thought was left far in the past. This new turn of events puts him at odds with the most powerful opponent he could imagine, and the stakes become life or death.

With his back against the wall, Fear must speed up the process of inducting Eureka and Anton into the ranks of L.O.E, Loyalty Over Everything. But will Anton and Eureka's loyalty help Fear prevail against his enemies or will their loyalty to one another turn them against him?

Amidst this heart-thumping, blood racing battle lies an unforeseen enemy, who's like Satan reincarnated. As the duplicitous plot unfolds, who will find themselves Baptized in Unholy Water when the masks comes off and the fact is unveiled that THE DEVIL WEARS TIMBS.
FEAR is forced to dismantle one of the most infamous drug organizations in Southern California, The West Coast Connection, before his head is served to them. And at a time where do or die loyalty is needed amongst his own, he is now faced with the cancerous suspicions of betrayal from EUREKA and ANTON.

RONNY is out for blood. MALVO’s blood. And he’ll stop at nothing to seek retribution for the grueling torture he and his lady endured, even at the cost of his own life.

Realizing if either men want to stand a chance at survival against the opposition, they must strike faster, harder, and smarter than their enemies, known and unknown.

In the end, debts will be paid in blood, ties will be severed, and old wounds will render new vendettas. And finally, once the smoke is cleared, it will be known to all that The Devil Wears Timbs.

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