Tuesday, March 10, 2015

(NEW RELEASE] Money Make Me Come

For best friends, Chastity and Kimberly, money is the only thing that can make them come. Left coldhearted by heartbreak, the duo has lived by the motto, “Money over everything,” using their street smarts and feminine wiles to live every golddigger’s dream. After pulling her latest scheme, Kimberly feels now is a good time as any to get away.
Chastity agrees that Morocco is the perfect destination for a girls’ getaway until meeting Hamid on the plane seems to throw a wrench in her plans. All Kimberly wants is some fun in the African sun, but she gets more than she’s bargained for when she meets the powerful and handsome Mustafa. Will Mustafa be the one to change Kimberly’s scheming ways or will he be too good to be true? Chastity has other motives that may put both her and Kimberly’s lives in danger. Will she be set for life, or will she do something that will get her and her best friend killed?
Titan is a protective, loving older brother to Noel. With their mother dying while Noel was still a toddler and his father working day and night to provide for them, Titan feels it’s his job to raise his one and only sister. When Noel comes home with a new beau, Titan is more than unhappy about the situation. His instincts tell him trouble is coming, which proves true when, one day, Noel doesn’t come home. Now, Titan is on a mission to get his sister back and punish whoever is responsible. Will he be able to bring Noel home, or is he too late to save her?

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